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Welcome to the Progeny Alpha.  We would like you to test out RAYUS' Weapon System, Combat System, and her Melee System.  You are a valuable piece in the development of  RAYUS' systems.  Once you've played, PLEASE go to our Discord to record your thoughts and feedback for the improvements of the character



 Click one of the links below to try out the Alpha.  You can download it to your PC or just click the Alpha Play button to play now.   Your  feedback is important to the improvement of PROGENY.  Use our Discord to provide constructive criticism.


Thanks again, Progeny Team

play alpha (1).png

The year is 3074 and Earth is at its end from Global Warming. The Government finds out there are rare artifacts on other planets that can help rectify the issues on Earth.  Government labs were raided, leaving only enough resources to send ONE person to retrieve the artifacts.  A brave sole volunteers to save humanity as we know it.

Rayus - 

Rayus, born an orphan, could never stay in place for too long. After every return to the orphanage she always thought why do they keep sending me back? When she turned 18 Rayus left the orphanage to explore the world, moving from city to city living her best life. One day while out and about she came across a hologram asking for people to join the E² (Eco Explorers) team. She went to the recruiting office, joined the E² team, and shipped off to training. The E² training was not challenging to Rayus, and she thought she was wasting her time and talents.  Resulting in numerous thoughts of quitting. One night while lying in bed she came up with words to help her get through the day using her own name RAYUS. Relax, Accomplish, Yearning, Unite, and Sacrifice. On days she felt she should quit she would say her mantra: Relax yourself, Accomplish the task in front of you, while Yearning to make this world better, Unite your team, and Sacrifice so I'm ready for whatever comes. After Rayus completed training she flew through the ranks and became a captain of her own squad.  Her squad ran into a fatal enemy and the whole team was wiped out except for her and it changed her, but how did she change??? 

  • Former orphan

  • Apart of first E² team

  • First captain of E²

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