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DJ Morocula hails from the Midwest. Born and raised on the southside of Chicago at the tender age of 4,
“Dwight” Morocula was fascinated with the movement of the turntables, the colors of the records, and the
attraction of the LED lights from the big Marantz receivers and equalizers that his Father owned and
would play often. In the early 70s, his parents often entertained family and friends. Back then, it was the
social norm to meet at each other's homes and party. This is when Morocula found the opportunity to
experiment with his Father’s equipment. Morocula studied the groves in the vinyl, not being able to read
fully he knew why the song was on an LP. So when the grown people were too intoxicated, little
Morocula took over handling the music and kept the party going.
Sadly, Morocula lost his Father to a heart attack in 1979. A couple of years later, his mother relocated the
family to Fremont, Ohio, where they had other family members, and his mother felt that it was safer to
raise her children than the hardcore streets of Chicago as a single mother.
1984 was DJ Morocula's first experience DJing for a crowd. He was allowed the opportunity to DJ his
9th-grade school dance. The turnout and experience were a success. Break dancing was trending during
this time, opening the door for Morocula to move the crowd more. DJ Morocula found himself sought
after by parents in the community to DJ their children's events. This went on through high school, where
he was the main DJ to engage in 95% of his peers' events and house parties.. in 1986, he was offered a job
to be the leading DJ for a club in Fremont, Ohio, called EJs. from there he would guess DJ in local clubs
in the area.
In 1988, Morocula was persuaded by his Mother to go into the Navy because he started getting into street
life and was drinking heavily. The turntables and DJing were put on the back burner for 16 years. In 2004,
Morocula decided to get back into the music scene and even took a shot at rapping and creating beats with
his brother “Matt” LPR and many nephews and local homeboys. Morocula did three albums and an EP
that was considered underground and not radio-friendly. Still struggling with the street life and not seeing
the music going anywhere, he chose the streets full-time. But God had a different purpose for Morocula.
The murder of his cousin and fellow gang member “Dra Dogg” RIP was a turning point in Morocula’s
life. In the mid part of 2016, Morocula decided to do a 180 and change. Sober with a new outlook on life,
Morocula accepted his purpose from God to help uplift the fallen humanity. And in 2018, he reunited with
the turntables and started back DJing. Today, DJ Morocula does all kinds of events, from wedding
ceremonies to receptions to birthday parties to high school teen parties, just to name a few.
DJ Morocula’s goal is to heal and make people happy with his style of entertainment. DJ Morocula also
works as a counselor, case manager, and facilitator in the Human Service field.
Do Not be surprised if you find yourself on the floor dancing, wondering, “How Did I End Up Here.”

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