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LPR (Lyrical Poetic Rhyme-Master)


 My influences and inspirations are Notorious B.I.G., 2 Pac, Ice Cube, Eight Ball, Mary J. Blige, R Kelly, Scarface, and Busta Rhymes.  The reason why, is because these artist all have taken the music industry to newer heights and that's what I'm going to do as well with my rapping style and lyrics.    I was also picked up by two talent agencies that are known worldwide Talent 2K, and Rap Vibe.  I also have performed on channel 12 for the citrus fibrosis foundation fundraiser.  I  performed at the International New York Music Festival and was one of the few  MC's chosen to go to    the Summit of Chicago.  I write all my songs and produce some of the tracks too, and at times I write for other people.  Some of the things I plan to accomplish in this music business are longevity something you don't see a lot these days as far as rap artist go.  I love music and the way I make people feel when they hear my music, from them "getting rowdy" in the club to sharing my feeling with them in emotional songs like "I'm everything you want in a man".  With that being said, my short-term goal is to be the next ground breaking artist and achieve the new artist of the year, and my long-term goal is to make good music for my fans for years and years to come.

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