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We help directors and producers from around the country that need a green screen studio in the Florida area. Our New Port Richey green screen studio is a 10' x 10' x10' space that is perfect for full-body shots, waist-up and 2 person interviews. The studio comes with lights so all you need is your camera, sound and talent.  There are many factors that will affect how much it will cost to shoot your video. Be prepared to answer the following questions before we give you a quote for your video shoot if you need to use our equipment.

What type of video are you trying to produce?

Personal or Business? Personal videos are weddings, birthday parties, family videos, etc... they tend to be longer productions. Business videos are typically shorter productions that focus on marketing a product, service or organization.

Do you need us to record video or take photos for your video project or do you already have the assets needed to produce your video?

Our production rates are based on hourly, and full-day rates. For some clients the only service they want from us is to shoot video and give them the raw footage for their editors to work with. Other clients already have assets and need us to edit the project for them. We charge an hourly editing rate for this type of work.

Do you have an idea or concept for your video?

Is there a video that you can show us on YouTube that is similar to what you want done?

Who is your target audience?

Do you need to recruit better employees? Do you want more people to sign up for a conference? Do you want to demonstrate what your product does? Defining your target viewer helps us mold your message for maximum effectiveness.

Green Screen Studio Hourly, Daily, and Weekly Rates

Hourly rates:


Monday to Friday (11am-10pm):


3 Hour block ($135 per hour)



Monday to Friday (11am-10pm):

$160 per hour


Daily rates:


Monday to Friday (11am-10pm):



Saturday  (12pm-10pm):  $1,395


Weekly Rates:


Monday to Friday (11am-10pm):



$175 Per Hour Rate applies to Saturday studio rentals 12pm to 10pm.

And service comes first with a Friendly and Professional staff to make sure your project runs smoothly.

Our Studio is large enough to fit small sets and stages, to a complete production ready stage with lights, an HD camera and sound. The Studio is equipped with a lighting rig which increases the space you have to fit your production.

Our studios are equipped with super fast broadband internet peaking at 100bps download and 10mbps upload.

All production rentals also come with EDC services, half hour of free technical support, as a complimentary service to all our clients.


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