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We are a group of individual talents representing the Midwest (Fremont OH and Chicago IL),  Dirty South (Jacksonville NC and Tampa FL), as well as West Coast (Seaside and Pomona CA). We have been in the business for about 15 yrs. Like everyone else we've had our ups and downs, we've been on the grind getting ourselves off the ground and now we're on the scene and here to stay.

We do it all From video production, writing for other artists, performing and making beats; you can check out our producers to find something to fit your needs.  If you have a request please send us an e-mail and we will be happy to oblige you. We hope you enjoy our music for years to come.  We have it all for every occasion.

Thank you for your time and for listening. Our goal is to be prosperous and to grow as individuals so that we can better ourselves and those around us.


EDC Management

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