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Your athlete has spent years preparing for college sports…

Give them a polished recruiting video for coaches and recruiters!


You have spent hours recording your high school athlete’s games, but don’t know how to edit all the best plays together.  Or you tried editing, and realized it takes lots of practice to make the video look good enough for coaches.  Coaches receive thousands of unsolicited videos every year…will YOUR video stand out from the rest?


Send us your raw footage…it’s easy!…and let our experienced sports editors create a compelling recruiting video that coaches WANT to watch!

With coaches on our editing staff, EDC knows what recruiters are looking for…we specialize in editing your raw footage into a college recruiting video that will support your scholarship efforts.  Our advanced editing illustrates your position on the screen so coaches know where to look, and we use slow-motion and stop-action techniques to showcase your skills and capabilities.  We’ll also include a brief summary of your athletic and academic achievements to help introduce your athlete’s background.  We offer two pricing structures for editing. You may have us go through the footage and choose the best plays, or you may give us the timecode of each play you would like to use. Either way, it is cut into the final piece which features the top 10 plays up front. This highlight video is put online for you to post on a profile page or email directly to recruiters. Investment in the athlete by our producer is considerable. We are thrilled to contribute to their success. Call us to review the two pricing structures that will give you a winning sports video. Reasons you need a college recruiting highlight video… A four year college education today can easily cost between $100,000 and $200,000. A recruiting video can save a student-athlete thousands of dollars and/or help him or her get into the school of choice. Thousands of full and partial scholarships are available from large Division I schools and Division II schools. They will also offer financial aid or preferred admission to a desirable student-athlete. -

Each highlight / recruiting video includes:

  • 20 to Unlimited plays from 3-5 games

  • up to 3 - 5 minutes total length

  • Player identification on every play (spot shadow, arrow, etc)

  • Custom intro

  • Custom graphics highlighting athletic achievements (stats)

  • Custom graphics highlighting academic achievements

  • Multiple formats available (.mov, .mp4, etc)

  • Highlight video delivered electronically

  • More than 3 games used in editing

  • Online uploading of highlight video

  • Expedited order processing (Video moved to front of line - approximate 1 week turnaround)

Do you already have your highlight video made and just need graphics added to that? We can handle your needs for this as well.


Need plays selected for your higlhight video and not sure which plays to select? Have the expert editors at EDC select the plays for your highlight video.

We watch each game in it's entirety and choose the plays coaches are looking for. You will still have the ability to make revisions, if necessary.

Be sure to select the number of games you need logged. Prices are per game logged, not per highlight video.

Need a fast turnaround? Choose our Expedited Processing Option and receive the video in less than 1 week.

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