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$150.00 for each camp.  Early enrollment $125.00
Camps Dates:
June 27-July 1st                  Video
July 5th - July 8th                 Music 
July 11th - July 15th            Video
July 25th - July 29th           Music
August 1st - August 5th      Video
2 students per Camp. 2hr Camp Sessions 3 Camp Sessions per day. Take advantage of this early special and SAVE!
Camp Registration Open

Please call 813-777-5328

7618 Congress St New Port Richey, FL 34652

Camp Times

                           Monday - Friday  10am to 12pm                            Monday - Friday     1pm to 3pm 

                       Monday - Friday     4pm to 6pm.                       

Feel free to stop by the studio and get additional information.

We are excited to spend the SUMMER with you!!

Camp Registration Open Now






Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday 

Lessons - 2:00pm - 9:00pm / video and music
Saturday Lessons - 12:00pm - 6:00pm / video and music

We offer monthly specials for video and music.

1 Month / $95 for 4 Lessons / $25.00 Registration Fee
3 Month / $260 for 12 Lessons / $25.00 Registration Fee
6 Month / $520 for 24 Lessons / $25.00 Registration Fee


EDC Productions offers private instruction. We offer lessons to virtually all ages and ability levels.  Every week students come to EDC Productions for private music instruction ranging from 10 years old, elementary, middle and high school ages, all the way to college students and adults.  We can accommodate the first year beginner as well as the most advanced student. All lessons are customized with personalized lesson plans according to each student’s skill level and area of interest. Lessons include Green Screen Tips and Tricks, music production, mixing and mastering, etc.


Whether you want to expand your graphic artist range, improve your mixing skills, prepare for an show, or simply want to make your first beat more confidently for personal enjoyment.

EDC Productions was created in 2016 to: encourage students of all ages to discover, develop and use their talents and abilities through creative video and music making in our quiet and laid back setting. We offer a positive, energetic environment where parents, students, teachers and staff join together to create engaging learning opportunities that promote meaningful video's and musical projects, relationships and, overall, impact the students' cognitive, physical, emotional, social and academic development.

We have very gifted Teachers. We aim to use the best teaching techniques, and methods and to create lessons that are relevant and exciting to our students. We are passionate about teaching and passionate about each student's growth.  

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